Magical Bali
Nov. 21. - 30. 2019
$1695 USD
all inclusive
Ilona Selke & Amoraea

Have you wished to access deeper states of meditation & manifest with greater ease?
Have you longed to learn how to merge deeper with the Divine?

Then join us for an accelerated training in advanced

Soul Awareness & Quantum Manifestation Techniques

on Bali, the Island of the Gods

  • Discover the keys to your Inner Soul’s Light
  • Grow into a higher version of you
  • Increase the power of your intuition
  • Learn the Master Keys of Manifesting by Ilona Selke


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
Miraculous Results in Every Area of Your Life

  • Train systematically to awaken your ‘Soul Awareness’
  • Practice steps to manifest your visions & goals
  • Master proven techniques which help you shift into higher states of consciousness easily and effectively
  • Gain psychological training tools (especially useful if you are a coach) & learn how to holographically re-frame any problems, transform blockages & reprogram your belief systems
  • Bring spiritual presence into your relationships
  • Practice advanced meditation tools for breakthrough experiences
  • Discover how to have lasting impact on others
  • Re-create your past so you can live your purpose
  • Explore sacred cultural ceremonies, go with us on exotic adventures & receive special blessings from healers & seers from the ‘Island of the Gods’
  • Practice achieving a Soul Awake state at will
  • Develop emotional and intuitive IQ

If you are new to Ilona or Amoraea, please enjoy our free gifts and explore our 60 years of combined offerings

  • ‘The Living From Vision’ LITE  App for empowering your creations, starting & ending your day with amazing results
  • Audio Guided Meditation on opening up to Soul Awareness
  • 10 KEYS eBook to ignite the Phoenix Within You and reveal your Hidden Shadow

The Shambala Retreat Center
A true Mystery School

Have you heard of ‘Shambala’? It is a mythical realm - usually thought to lay in the Himalayas, where Heaven touches Earth and master beings live as if on a higher octave.

We invite you to discover the secret ladder of awakening your Soul Awareness and climb the 7 Levels of Consciousness with us, to help you unite with your eternal essence in order to manifest your Heaven on Earth.

The Shambala Retreat Center is a global lighthouse in service to ignite the awareness that we are living in a consciousness interactive universe.

We offer our unique trainings & techniques to access heightened Soul Awareness. You will experience a profound shift at every level of your being and bring transformation to your relations, business, purpose & spiritual evolution.

Take your REALITY-SHAPING abilities to the NEXT LEVEL

Do you want to learn how to interact with the Holographic Universe?

For 30 years, the Living From Vision (R) course, co-founded by Ilona Selke, has helped thousands worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness and how to create a successful life. As part of the retreat we will learn how to move from reacting to life's demands to moving into co-creation.

After the Bali Immersion Retreat you will be able to follow through with this LFV 5-week course online and in conjunction with our FB group for just the participants of this seminar. This will ensure that you practice in your daily life that which you have learned and discovered in Bali.

Here are some of the highlights:

✔ Live what you truly envision
✔ Manifest your visions, goals & dreams
✔ Align with your purpose
✔ Access your intuition and untapped potential

We all want to develop a higher version of ourselves! With the 5-Week follow up course for this ACCELERATOR Seminar,.

We will teach you how to:

✔ Manifest your financial dreams
✔ Develop emotional and intuitive IQ
✔ Handle Stress & Negative Emotions
✔ Learn 3-Step problem solving technique called REFOCUSING
✔ Use Guided Meditation & Exercises effectively
✔ Create your Ideal Health & Fitness
✔ Develop creativity

With Living From Vision (R), you will practice step by step how to realize your dreams so you can live your purpose in life.

BONUS: You will receive the Living From Vision 5-Week Online course (regularly $345) as your Completion Bonus at the end of the seminar. This way you will ensure that what you practice in Bali goes home with you and becomes a new positive life habit.

The Fruition of a Life-Long Service

Amoraea and Ilona Selke each have dedicated their lives to ignite higher states of consciousness in themselves and others. Their personal journey into Oneness has been described in the book Dolphins, Love & Destiny, which chronicles the many trials and tribulations around Soul Union, God-Realization and the question whether we have free will of if there is destiny. Their combined 60+ years of experience in training advanced awareness has uplifted thousands of people world wide.



We live in a consciousness-interactive universe, from the subtlest of dimensions to the physical dimensions. You most likely have had experiences with either prayer or visualization creating a bridge between the invisible and the visible world. Most people have at some point manifested a parking spot for themselves. How's that possible? Based on the work of Dr. Vern Wolf Holodynamics is the study of how we can interact with the universe through the power of our consciousness. Learning how to shift our internal dimension, be it through our emotional or mental body or our beliefs, We can affect changes in the world around us. As of one of the very few master students certified by Dr. Vern Wolf, llona has guided thousands of people into a deeper understanding of time space and the power of consciousness there in. As part of your Bali Adventure you will discover how to surf Time-Space, and how you can navigate Time-Space for the betterment of your own life and the life of those around you.


Become the master of your destiny, by diving into your sub consciousness and reaching into your super-consciousness we will practice what it takes to create from the inside out. Learn step by step how to manifest - an art you can train. Discover your goals and wishes that really matter to you, as you train the power of your multi-dimensional mind. In this seminar you will have the opportunity to write a new story of life - one beyond your current dreams, and activate the deeper power of your soul, as well as transform any blockages that have been holding you at bay - and then through the time-proven recipe of manifesting, you will liberate your dreams to become a reality. You will learn how to enter Creator Consciousness, while at the same time use new practical tools to pre-create and experience success in advance.


Meditation has many stages. In the beginning we practice to clear our mind, next we track our subconscious blockages and balance our emotions. Next our creative mind kicks in and instead of silencing it, we allow time for creative visualization. Increasingly we ascend to finer and subtler levels of awareness, where our inner senses traverse the many dimensions. Beyond that we then enter the first levels of non-dual awareness and situate ourselves in pure Soul consciousness. Rarely taught in normal meditation classes, these pathways that move into total unity with the Divine, allow us to naturally divest ourselves from our dual mind, and our ego driven thoughts. With our pure Soul Diamond awareness we enter and merge with the field of All Creation, dissolving the imprints of self and opening ourselves to the higher truth of Oneness. We will practice these states and techniques both individually, one-on-one, and in the group to build reliable abilities of perception of these levels or reality. We will stabilize a new plateau within ourselves that will have lifelong results


Each day we will explore different aspects and powerful effects of the breath: You will learn how to use your breath as a tool to purify and center the mind, and practice using your breath to regulate your nervous system, heart rate, brain state, and enter into total relaxation, stillness and crystal clear awareness. Next we will go beyond the physical relaxation aspects of our breath and ride the currents of our super-oxygenated body as we use our Pranic Breath as a vehicle to awaken the energetic channels in our body. Finally we will journey and use our breath as a multi-dimensional pathway to access higher states of consciousness. You’ll go on a breath work journey and engage the heightened parts of your superconscious and receive vast wisdom from the Akashic Records or Blueprint of your Soul.


Your chakras are not only gateways of energy and consciousness, but are a powerful feedback system allowing you to understand your psyche better. Learn to create a feedback loop with your inner landscape of consciousness and practice to sense and see nature through each lens of each Chakra,. As you discover which of your Chakras are strong and which are weak, you are then able to strengthen those that need attention and make life choices that work for you. Next learn how to activate your Chakras and practice how to interact and receive signals from others in the group. You will discover how some people add to your various chakras, whereas some don't. You will discover the magic of mutual activation. From this training, you will discover how to interact more intimately with life, yourself and others, with your activated Rainbow Body.


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have been celebrated to be the most precise and invaluable manual of the various levels of consciousness. The Sutras are designed to hels us gradually ascend in our awareness from Ascension to Enlightenment. We will be studying these Yoga Sutras by Pantajali, as interpreted and translated by MSI in his book Enlightenment. Far from a description on the basics of Hatha Yoga postures, this luminous manuscript holds key perspectives on the path of enlightenment. Starting by transforming our body with Yoga as we usually know of it, we will open our mind and spirit to our natural perfect state of Ascension. Each day we will study these Yoga Sutras and open our awareness into increasingly finer states of consciousness


Where is the seat of your soul? Are you able to intentionally activate your soul's diamond? What is your Higher Self and how is that different? We train how to access the many levels of awareness and touch into the purest essence of your Soul. The Soul's diamond will be the starting point for Self-Realization, from where we will journey to God Realization. Through exercises and journeys we will guide you to access your Soul’s locus point, and journey into Oneness beyond time and space. You will learn to feel the difference between your ‘Higher Self’, your Soul Diamond as well as other levels of Consciousness, as you train in sensing the different dimensions of your Being.

10 Days of Total Transformation

8 AM

Morning Movement

Join us for Easy Morning Yoga - or sleep in - to your heart’s content

9 AM

Breakfast Buffet

Full gourmet vegetarian buffet breakfast to start your day right

10 AM

Content Sessions - Meditation Mastery

Discover your purpose, learn the master tools for manifesting and living your Soul’s Highest Vision

12:30 PM

Lunch Buffet

Enjoy our wide range of vibrant nourishment brimming with healthy exotic options!

1:30 PM

Relax & Integrate, Massage & Beach time

Take time to integrate, grow deeper connections & enjoy an ocean or pool swim

4:30 PM

Content Sessions - Manifestation Mastery

Train and engage your Master Self to make real-life transformation

6 PM

Dinner Buffet

Blissful sunset vegetarian meals at our oceanside restaurant inspired by the local cuisine

8 PM

Evening Magic

Bonfires, live music kirtan, New Moon Balinese ceremony, and of course time to unwind

Also included in your Seminar:

Five Massages: Luxuriate in receiving full body Balinese massages at the Shambala Resort Spa

Three Adventure Excursions: On two full days and on one half-day we’ll go on temple and nature excursions


" This is the third time I did the wonderful Living from Vision course. It has been amazing!!! I felt how it went into more expanded higher frequencies than ever before and that this course is so well structured and organized that I love to do it again and again. The daily Morning and evening exercises that I now have as an app on my mobile are awesome tools to refocus my goals and to become even clearer on my priorities. Always my energy and vibration goes up when I do them and it's sooo easy. My 4 main goals have either totally or partly manifested and I have confidence in manifesting again which at times in the stress and hectic of touring I had lost. I am so grateful for this course and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled and successful life."

Bettine Clemen

Internationally known Solo Flutist

“I’ve journeyed with Amoraea over 12 years through some extremely power healing initiations and processes that have assisted my soul to break free and reclaim my sacred power. He has remarkable and pristine depth to read your soul and delivers the highest of guidance.

He has assisted me time and again to awaken my spiritual wings so that I see life experience with a higher perspective above the 3-dimensional story and remember the Greatest love story that I AM.

Amoraea is a remarkable gateway for those ready to move away from victim consciousness, commit to peel away the masks, and meet themselves transparently in the sacred temple of their heart.”


" What a wonderful course you have created! And What an amazing Seminar! Living from Vision has helped me re-connect to my soul's purpose in a profound way. The inspiring videos are beautiful, and the morning and evening meditations help me feel calm and peaceful. Doing this course has helped me feel that sense of direction again, and given me a sense of stability and purpose. Thank you for this incredible transformational course! "

Elizabeth Lee

" At the beginning of our Immersion, I felt overwhelmed & withdrawn from life for months because of intensely stressful events. So much pain, hopelessness & feeling of loss ~ life on earth simply felt too much! When you proposed that we go through my death process I thought… great… I feel like being dead already, so let’s see…! As you guided me toward the moment of my death I felt surprisingly so much attachment to my life. During the transition I was faced with the process of letting go of all people that I loved. How much resistance and pain! But finally when I went through the gates I felt peace I didn’t feel before. You guided me gently through all these steps until I dissolved fully into the Soul Realms. There I met my master guide, and the Love that poured from there was beyond any measure. From that perspective this incarnation felt just like a small episode in the vastness of eternity. I felt desire to go back to this life and live it fully like never before. I am reborn with new eyes and a deep understanding of life itself. "

Joanna Serewa

" Your seminar launched me deeper into the flow of my own life-path. The largest pieces for me were how to empower my visions/wishes by feeling a feeling plus an image, and then how to get in to reprogram the auto-self (subconscious).

I am starting to present myself differently bringing forward the spiritual work that I had been hiding for a long long time. Moving into this work I will keep co-creating on the top of my mind so the automatic self can be a large part of it and all my spirit friends on the advisory council - they are such a funny bunch; I love to visit with them. "

Cailin O’Connor

“ My one-on-one immersion with Amoraea was life-changing. I had been struggling with being more in my body and grounded for pretty much my whole life. That coupled with the subconscious fear of not belonging and rejection led me to feeling at times like I don’t want to be here. I’ve been exploring many modalities from East to West ~ far & beyond, I found my experience with Amoraea to be the most holistic & tangibly helpful experience to date. Specifically, post-session, I feel much more whole– truly as if aspects of my soul have returned back to my being. Amoraea’s facilitation and guidance was spot-on in providing the holding and support that I needed throughout. I can’t recommend his work enough. ”

Diana Jia

Intuitive Business Strategist

"Dear Ilona, I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful soul awareness seminar! Through your accompanying loving and very experienced support, I was able to vibrate so high during the exercises that I found myself in the Milky Way. I had never experienced anything like that before. It was for me the most spiritual seminar (in addition to the swimming with wild dolphins) that I have experienced so far !! I consider your wonderful, authentic and very spiritual charisma as unique and can really recommend it to every human being!! In my opinion, the fact that you align your thoughts, words and deeds for the benefit of all living beings and the entire universe / and the divine is very strong and I feel that this is above all a gift to the whole of humanity! With kind regards and a huge gratitude !!!

Juliane Gillissen

Ilona Selke and HOLODYNAMICS

Amoraea and The Phoenix Code


Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke is an international best-selling author, seminar leader, lecturer, and musician. She has inspired thousands of people over the past 30 years to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind in a practical way, and how to live and manifest their dreams. She has appeared on TV and on the Radio, has been a favorite speaker at the Prophet's conferences, and has been quoted in many books for the contribution of her inspirational work. She lives with her husband of 35 years, author Don Paris, Ph.D.hc., on an island in the Northwest Pacific of the USA in their geodesic Dome Home and in Bali, where she and her husband own the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center

For more info about Ilona Selke, check out


Amoraea has facilitated over 20 transformational retreats, founded a successful retreat center and event temple in Kaua’i, offers global experiences in Soul Awareness, is a successful musician, visionary artist and the author of the Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual. His uniquely designed intensives, trainings, personal & private ceremonies of initiation serve to cultivate our heart intelligence and remembrance that we are embodiments of Divine Love, that an incredible power exists within us and that it is our birthright to release it. By recognizing we hold the keys to our own transformation and enlightenment, his focus is on providing tools and experiences that release the Inner Master within each of us.

For more info, please visit and

What Sets Us Apart from other Retreats or Seminars​

Advanced Training to leverage any of your modalities

Our attendees are often therapists, teacher, healers, coaches and/or seekers who wish to live their purpose. Whether you are a practitioner, systems changer, or are still looking to shift into your life’s next bigger dream, you will receive powerful techniques to advance your healing arts and guide others to more potent levels of consciousness.

Meditation 2.0

Most of us have been exposed to yoga, meditation & spiritual traditions. Are you yearning to dive deeper? During our advanced seminar, we train your ability to raise into Soul Awareness beyond ordinary meditation and experience direct access to your Multi-Dimensional Self. From this level of reality you will feel oneness as an experience, and receive answers from a deeper or higher level of reality. As a result you will be more & more in alignment with this deeper part of you, and most importantly you will accelerate in your spiritual evolution

Universal Principles

Being in the world as a celebration of the divine, yet being beyond the world fully aware of the True Essence
Our 60+ years of dedicated personal growth and comprehensive awareness have fostered an appreciation of many spiritual traditions.

We recognize all esoteric paths stem from a deeper wisdom that stands apart from any religion or system. We teach you inner techniques that adhere to universal principles that transcend yet are complimentary to whatever spiritual tradition you may be exploring or dedicated to. Our goal is Self-Realization and the awakening to your True Nature beyond all form.

Heaven on Earth

Shambala Retreat Center is a magical place, a boutique Resort, right on the ocean of the north shore of Bali. You will feel the brilliance of this Heaven on Earth sparkle in the air as you enter the gates of Shambala. It truly is a place that people remember, and often say that they are taking a piece of Shambala back home in their hearts. The love from the staff, the care & attention to details, the beauty that surrounds you in every room, the colorful decor, makes the stay at Shambala totally inspiring. The large luminous temple invites the sacred in each participant & will transport you into another realm. We take great care to share as a team of angels who are all attending the angels that are visiting. Our moto is: We are all angels, sharing our life in Heaven on Earth and we all are in training.

Honoring the Local Culture

Nestled near a fishermen village, you will see the rural life, be immersed in the Balinese culture and be far away from the hustle and bustle of the south of Bali. As the owners we have forged deep personal bonds, and take care of supporting education, support alternative waste management training in schools and in turn we receive the rich blessings of this rich culture filled with spiritual wisdom. You will experience Bali beyond what the ordinary tourist will see.

Together we open the doors to a new consciousness on Earth

Transformation begins within and then ripples out, amplified together through our intent and joined luminous focus. Our Soul Awareness Retreats hold the vision of stabilizing a higher level of consciousness for planetary enlightenment.

As we experience our own inner holographic universe change, we literally start to see real-time changes in our surrounding environment to match our vibration. Come co-create a miraculous space where we support the common vision we each wish to see in the world, and live more and more from that inner state fulfilled.

The evolutionary Accelerator of a lifetime

Seize the opportunity to work intimately with international teachers trained in advanced Soul Evolution & Life Mastery committed to your personal, spiritual and dharmic growth.

Our curriculum is designed to accelerate your meditation practice and soul’s expression in the world, no matter where you are in your journey.

You'll walk away with a clear sense of direction and purpose that can immediately be practiced and integrated with our free 5-Week Living From Vision Online Course.


"During the final ceremony in Amoraea’s Phoenix Code Retreat, I felt my own Divine nature so strongly after your help unblocking my lower chakras. Finally my Spirit decided to allow full release from the frustration, difficulty, and depression for the last few years. You really helped free me from a deep soul pain and the densities of this plane, which had felt crushing to me. I am so deeply grateful to you for that, thank you. These days my life is really flowing again, and I am feeling light and free and clear almost all of the time.”

Rachel Eaton

"The Living From Vision course gives thorough, effective, practical, long-term directions on how to manifest. That is one thing that is so different from other manifestation materials. After my practice of the LFV techniques, since July 2014, I find it to be the most direct approach to manifestation. Anything, absolutely anything, that I wish for, can be manifest. I just close my eyes and feel and experience it, as if if were already in my reality. I can do this anytime. The 5-week LFV program helps remind me and trains me to do actively CREATE. Most of us automatically default into an egoic fashion of thinking, trying to protect ourselves and prepare for worst case scenarios. The LFV course has given soooooooo much to me, that I can't put it into words. I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me. I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix. I've felt more positive, and feel that life is falling into place."

Tracy Kelly

“ Amoraea is so tuned into what my soul needs to hear. I feel lifted and expanded way beyond what I have ever experienced any other way. I feel euphoric and ready to really step up into my light and love. My full Phoenix Code Immersion took me into the deep places where stagnation released and then up to such amazing heights to help me realize my magnificence. He channeled through messages which brought me to tears, releasing emotional baggage I had been carrying for a long time which was costing me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. ”

Georgina Wilson

Transformational Coach and Writer

“ Amoraea’s work takes one deep into an initiatory journey of self discovery, reclamation, transformation, and becoming. He has a refined ability to tune into subtle aspects and guide an individual through a comprehensive and well articulated journey. I personally have experienced deep transformation and revelation in both the retreats and with 1-1 sessions. I highly recommend working direct with Amoraea and being guided through an amazing process of self-realization. ”


"Dear Ilona
My experience with you in the seminars is incredibly deep and eventful. I love to immerse myself in your seminars with and feel richly endowed with experience, inner travels, and profound changes of consciousness. What impresses me the most are soul journeys and guided meditation journeys. But also the holographic imagery transformation is an amazing tool to create deliberate changes in life. Thank you for being there and for accompanying me again and again. thank you thank you thank you! "

Thomas Fleischling

$1695 All-Inclusive Package for 10 DAYS

Shared accommodation in the luxury Tropical SHAMBALA OCEANSIDE Resort situated right on the ocean with opulent rooms adorned in templesque beauty. (Single supplement is available for only $25 USD extra)

Three delicious vegetarian wholesome buffet meals per day, created by gourmet local chefs

Full day excursion to a Buddhist monastery

Half day excursion to a sacred waterfall.

Dolphin boat excursion for sunrise on the calm Bali ocean

Five complimentary one-hour lavish massages with our Shambala Spa Therapists

The Living From Vision 5-Week Online Training Course to apply and maximize what you have learned

Traditional Sacred Gamelan Orchestra and Dance Performance (unforgettable cultural experience!)

New Moon Balinese Ceremony at nearby Temple.

Live Music Kirtans and bonfires on the beach

Highly accelerated teachings from 2 teachers with 60 + years of experience designed specifically to awaken your highest potential and create life-changing inner and outer transformations

Testimonials for Amoraea

The mission and vision of Shambala Retreat Center

Ilona Selke on Meditation

Testimonial for the LFV COURSE


This is a special opportunity to commit to your Soul Evolution and raise into a higher octave of being! We wish to ensure each participant will contribute to the field in a way that is a vibrational match for themselves and the group. Take the first step of joining us in paradise by applying for your invite below.

Come to Shambala, Our Heaven on Earth in Bali


Delicious Meals

Enjoy healthy, local & traditional Balinese cuisine to accommodate any dietary needs. Eat to your belly’s content with our exotic diverse buffets in our serene outdoor oceanside cafe

Heavenly Accommodations

Each octagon villa or room feels like its your own private temple , adorned in sublime colors and rustic Balinese woodcarvings, with stunning wall-to-wall window views of either the ocean or our lush gardens.

Sacred Excursions

Stunning jungle waterfalls, sacred Buddhist Temples in the mountains and Sunrise Dolphin bliss tours await you…Feel the true magic of Bali that will forever live in your heart!

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